poems · Short talks


My stay here is temporal. So is my existence in the world

I could never preserve things well— I have never used up an entire eraser.

I could never make an affection last— Everything I touch shortly dies.

I never doubt that one can generate perfection out of imperfection.

I never doubt that one can turn stones into gold

Still, I don’t expect one to create eternity with time and motion.

I change, so do you, so do human beings.

One day we love, one day we are strangers.

One day we remember, one day we choose to forget.

Food is perishable. So are our feelings

Roses are enticing. So are our hearts.

Absinthe is poisonous. So am I.

So are you.

Food poisoning kills;

Roses sting;

Absinthe gives you ill obsession other than ecstasy—

We forget, but we seldom let go.



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