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Freshman year is almost over.

I was packing just now, and I still remember how I unpacked and wiped the dust away on the shelves last August. It was a sunny day. I felt a bit gloomy though, being dragged to places and put down my names on papers, forms and sign-up sheets of Cheese Club, Model UN, and other clubs I don’t bother remembering.

Going back to the start.

I had three suitcases of nothing. I was bad at saying hellos. I remembered saying “nice to meet you” to a thousand people. I remembered crushing on my bed on the last day of the welcome week and wondering what was next. I put my white mug in the center of the mid-level of my shelf; I put an apple on its left— that was my only decoration. It rotted fast. I had to replace it every week.

I bought some postcards afterward to decorate my shelf. I met a gang of friends and had the best time ever. I learned many things. I kept falling in love.

I took the postcards off in the second semester and replaced them with a kettle. I started staying up late; I learned to drink coffee; I kept falling in love; I kept having my heart broken.

Now it’s ending.

I had three suitcases full of clothes, textbooks and other things I don’t bother remembering; I’m bad at saying goodbyes— I know now. I sent away some of my friends, and I know there’s more to come, or let go, in this case; I took some things off the shelf— I never used them anyway. The shelf looks better to me. What was I thinking, putting an apple on the shelf….. Maybe when you’ve been through enough, you just want to keep things to the minimal.

But I know there’s more to come. I have to stay here a bit longer for the summer, but things will not be the same.

It’s a new beginning.



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