Short talks · The Daily Prompt


#18 and bored (not really)

I wake up at 7:30 for my 8 AM class, 11:00 AM for my 11:00 AM class; I drink coffee and eat brunch; I write papers and do math; I sit by the fountain and stare at puppies while I drink coffee or eat brunch.

#18 and lost

It’s hard not to get lost in the maze when my heart is a riddle. It’s easy to be devoured by the predators when I don’t have an amour. I struggle my way out of the jungle; I run away from those who feast on my vulnerability. The warm breeze pierces through my flesh; the thorny roses are my only respite.

#18 and fabulous

I’m like a four-year-old in mom’s heels: I’m a kid pretending to be an adult; I’m a grownup who doesn’t want to grow up. My life is full of conflicts and sparks; My life is full of fear and anxiety; but it’s never without happiness. If I escape from a trap, I become stronger. If I learn from my mistakes, I become more polished. If I fix my broken heart, I have armour. I don’t know what could happen next, but I’m willing to stay and see— I don’t know where else to go anyway.

I’m awkward, reckless, and 18. It’s amazing.



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