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My roommate spent half an hour on the phone complaining how hungry she was, after complaining for another half hour about not knowing where to go for dinner.

12:47 AM. I hear drunk people laughing outside my window, constant construction noises, and impatient car horns. I listen to the air conditioner in my room, accompanied by the siren cutting through the sky. The whole city is condensed within the few miles outside my window. It’s like a freaking symphony.

Who do they think they are?!

Here I am, writing my ego.

I look outside the window. The color of the night sky makes me want to paint the ceiling blue. There were a few lights on from the buildings across the street. I bet the people behind them are pretending to be hardworking, like me.

I’m sleepless, like New York.

I’m sleepless because of New York.


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