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During the Industrial Revolution, the invention of the railway, made possible by the steam engine, was the most potent symbol of industrialization. In his captivating travel log Florence, the New Capital of Italy, traveler Charles Richard claims that “the never-tiring iron horses and clever engines” allow people to be “conveyed” between different cities in a… Continue reading THE RABBIT UNDER THE TRAIN


WHEN WE WERE YOUNG What served in place of the photograph before the camera’s invention? The expected answer is the engraving, the drawing, the painting. The more revealing answer might be: memory. Said John Berger, in his book About Looking. Our obsession for photography derives from our subconscious pursuit of immortality. In the photos, we won’t fade away. It… Continue reading WHEN WE WERE YOUNG


THORNAPPLE Absolute loneliness, and absolute sublimity. The song is as depressing as it is empowering. The use of electronic guitar is skillful, creating a heated, yet suffocating atmosphere. The notes are fast and heavy, but never redundant. You can feel the blazing sun burning right through your skin; you can hear the wind roaring, rumbling… Continue reading THORNAPPLE

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Travelling hasn’t always been easy. During the Renaissance period, sea travel thrived due to the rapid development of foreign trade. But travelers were usually merchants, students, pilgrims and soldiers, and the purposes of traveling were monotone. Short distance destinations were reached on foot or by carriages. With the emergence of vehicles like steamboats and trains,… Continue reading SONG ABOUT TRAVELING

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During the 18th-century people were drawn to human anatomy.  Human bodies were viewed as machines due to the emergence of modern science. Therefore, the idea of changing and reanimating the human body flourished. In the groundbreaking novel Frankenstein, Victor, the crazy scientist, created a monster with human body parts. He regarded himself as “God,” but… Continue reading THE REMAINS OF THE DAY

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The Encyclopedia was written in the age of Enlightenment. It’s a systematic dictionary of the sciences, arts, and crafts. I haven't read it, but I'm sure it doesn't tell you how to renew a relationship. In The Scientist, Chris Martin tries to relate his emotions to science, but in vain. Running in circles Chasing… Continue reading THE SCIENTIST